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What Is Amblyopia: What Your Eye Doctor Wants You to Know

Amblyopia is a vision condition in which limited quality vision is present in one or both eyes due to abnormal development. The eye and muscles within the eye do not develop properly through infancy and childhood. Vision loss then occurs as a result of the nerve pathways being unable to send proper messages about visual images to the brain. Over time, the brain learns to rely on the other eye, usually which has a normal or near-normal vision, to compensate. As a result, the weak eye continues to worsen due to lack of development of the eye muscles. When you visit your eye doctor in Fort Worth or Lubbock, our goal will be to prevent the worsening of this condition whenever possible to preserve vision.

Causes of Amblyopia

The causes of amblyopia are not fully understood in terms of what causes the onset of this condition. However, lazy eye occurs as a result of an imbalance in the muscles that position and hold the eye. This may be due to limited use of those muscles or genetic factors. The causes of the lazy eye may not be fully understood, but noticing the presence of a lack of vision in your child is very important.

Lazy Eye Treatment: What Can Be Done?

When you come in to receive optometry services, our team will discuss with you the options available. Lazy eye treatment is only effective when it begins at an early age. That’s why it is very important for parents to provide care to their children at a young age. Whether adults or children, patients with lazy eye may have several treatment options available:

Eyeglasses - In some situations, the use of eyeglasses can help to improve vision. This is often used as a secondary treatment for the condition.

Patching - is the most common treatment for children, though adults may try to use it as well. In patching, the healthy eye is covered for a period of time, forcing the bad eye to work. By doing this consistently, it is possible to strengthen the eye muscles and help the eye and brain to relearn how to work together.

When you see your optometrist in Fort Worth or Lubbock, our team will help you determine if options are available. In most cases, the sooner treatment begins the better. Talk to us about the causes of lazy eye, the optometry solutions available, and what you can expect from care.

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