Your visual health plays a key role in your view of the world. When you notice changes in your vision, you want to obtain an eye exam to determine the underlying causes of your visual changes. In some cases, an optometrist at The Vision Center may notice signs of cataracts in your eyes and may recommend treatment solutions.


Our Eye Doctor Discuss Cataracts

Cataracts refer to a clouding of the lens of your eye. Your vision changes due to the reduced focus on light in your retina. Your experience after cataracts start developing may vary based on the severity of your symptoms. Common signs of a cataract in one or both eyes include:

    • Blurry vision
    • Dim colors when compared to your previous ability to see colors
    • Dim overall vision or cloudy vision
    • Poor night vision
    • Seeing halos around lights
    • Light sensitivity

The changes you notice in your vision may differ based on the severity of cataracts. When you visit our optometry center in Fort Worth or Lubbock we discuss the changes in your vision and look for cataracts. If we notice a clouding on the lens of your eyes during an eye exam in Lubbock, we develop an appropriate treatment plan for your situation.

Cataract Treatment 

Cataract treatment  depends on the severity of your symptoms and cataracts. Generally, we use glasses or other corrective lenses to address the changes to your vision. Cataracts are not treated with medications and our focus in treating and managing the condition is your vision and ability to see clearly.

When cataracts worsen, we may recommend cataract surgery. The surgical procedure removes the clouded lens from your eyes and replaces it with an artificial lens. After you have the new lens, your vision will improve. Expect roughly eight weeks for a full recovery after the procedure.

When to Visit an Eye Doctor

Changes to your vision, particularly sudden changes, require a visit to an eye doctor. You want to address the underlying causes of blurry or dim vision before the problem worsens and your corrective lenses no longer apply to your situation. 

We recommend an annual eye exam to evaluate the risks to your eyes. An optometrist in our clinic checks on your eyes and we may notice the signs of a cataract before it causes obvious changes to your vision. Older individuals or pregnant women should consider bi-annual exams due to the potential risks of developing conditions in the eyes or facing visual changes. We may also recommend more regular exams if you have certain medical conditions, like diabetes, that may increase the risk of cataracts or other eye health concerns.

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Changes to your vision may stem from an eye condition. When you have concerns about cataracts, our optometry center in Fort Worth and Lubbock offer the opportunity to evaluate your situation and correct visual changes. To learn more about cataracts and the surgical procedure to correct and address the condition, contact us at 806-793-1927 today.