Computer Vision Syndrome


Using a computer throughout your day for work or other activities may lead to complications with your vision. Depending on your lifestyle, career, and needs, you may notice that your eyes become tired and you feel fatigued. At the Vision Center, an optometrist in Lubbock evaluates your eyes and offers treatments based on your situation.


What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome refers to eye problems related directly to your use of a computer at work and home. It is not necessarily a single symptom, like tired eyes, but rather a series of symptoms that cause discomfort and pain in your eyes. During an exam in Fort Worth or Lubbock optometry clinics, an eye doctor considers the risks to your eyes and may suggest a variety of tools to help reduce the symptoms associated with computer vision.

Symptoms of Computer Vision

The symptoms of computer vision depend on your situation and eyes. Our eye doctors in Fort Worth and Lubbock recognizes the causes of computer vision and provides treatment after identifying the symptoms that develop.

Common symptoms of computer vision include:

    • Headaches
    • Strained eyes
    • Tired eyes
    • General fatigue
    • Dry eyes
    • Blurry vision or difficulty seeing clearly
    • Pain in your neck and shoulders
    • Double vision

The causes of computer vision depend on your environment when you look at a computer or a digital device. In many cases, the symptoms stem from the lighting in a room, the glare from a digital device or computer screen, your posture when working on a digital device and your current eye health. It may also relate to a combination of causes in certain situations.

Treatment for Computer Vision in Fort Worth and Lubbock

Treatment for computer vision in Fort Worth and Lubbock depends on your needs and situation. We may recommend vision therapy if the underlying cause of the strain stems from problems with your eyes or challenges when looking at a screen from an inappropriate distance. Vision therapy provides the tools to give your eyes a break throughout the day and reduce the strain on your eyes with better focus and improved visual health. 

We also suggest proper evaluation from an eye doctor in Lubbock. Do not ignore the health of your eyes, since you may notice a strain when your glasses or contact lenses no longer correct your vision effectively. Regular visits to an optometrist in Lubbock will catch problems with your eyes at an early stage to prevent challenges related to your visual health. You may need new glasses or contact lenses in certain situations. We also recommend strategies to reduce the strain on your eyes based on your situation and eye health. An anti-glare coating on your glasses, for example, can help reduce the eye strain from the computer glare. You may also benefit from better lighting when you work on a computer.

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Computer vision syndrome relates to your use of digital and computer devices over a long period of time. To learn more about reducing the symptoms and improving your eye health, contact 806-793-1927 today.