Contact Lens Exams

Contact Lens ImageIf you have contemplated wearing contact lenses instead of traditional glasses, you may have wondered what an examination for switching to this type of corrective lens entails. The first step in getting contact lenses is to contact The Vision Center in Lubbock, TX, to make an appointment for a contact lens exam with our optometrist. Here is some general information about contact lenses and what you can expect when you visit our office for a fitting.

General Information About Contact Lenses

Those who choose to wear contact lenses find that they give them the freedom of having crisp, clear vision without the restrictions usually associated with traditional frames. Many people who engage in sporting activities or exercise switch to contact lenses so they can see well without worrying about having their corrective lenses fall away from their eyes during strenuous activity. Contact lens wearers also enjoy an unobstructed view of the face while enjoying enhanced vision when looking in any direction.

The Difference Between a Regular Exam and a Contact Lens Exam

The examination process you undergo in order to find the optimal vision correction for your needs is relatively the same whether you are going to select contact lenses or traditional frames. Our optometrist will conduct a series of tests to determine whether the health of your eyes is affected, and appropriate treatment will be administered if needed. Afterward, you will be required to read a series of letters and/or numbers on a chart to check your current vision. Our optometrist will use glass plates in front of your eyes to change the crispness of the figures as needed.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Fitting

The fitting process for contact lenses is easy and quick. You will be instructed to look into a piece of equipment while our optometrist looks at your eyes. They will instruct you to try to keep your eyes open without blinking. They will then measure the diameter of your irises so the contact lenses prescribed to you will fit perfectly. You will then be given a sample pair of contact lenses to try on. Our optometrist will take a look at your eyes with the lenses in place to determine whether the fitting was successful. Your contact lenses should not shift, and each should cover the entire area of your iris.

Schedule an Appointment for Contact Lenses Today!

Contact The Vision Center in Lubbock, TX, to set up an appointment with one of our optometrists at your convenience for a contact lens fitting. Call our Central Lubbock practice at (806) 793-1927 or our South Lubbock facility at (806) 793-1928.