Glaucoma is one of those eye diseases that can eventually cause blindness if it's allowed to go unchecked but it doesn't necessarily warn you of its presence until some of the damage have already been done. This condition, which causes progressive and irreversible damage to the optic nerves, needs to be diagnosed as early as possible so treatment can begin. Here at The Vision Center, the optometrists on our team catch glaucoma and provide sight-saving care.


Our Optometrist in Fort Worth and Lubbock Discusses the Causes and Types of Glaucoma

In most cases, glaucoma is associated with elevated fluid pressure inside the eye. The eye continuously produces a fluid known as the aqueous humor, controlling the pressure by allowing some of it drain through a system of tiny ducts in the iris. If something happens to the drainage system that causes the pressure to keep building, the sensitive nerve fibers that make of the optic nerve can be permanently destroyed. Age, racial heritage, and family history can all increase glaucoma risk.

There are two principal categories of glaucoma. Open-angle glaucoma, the most common variety, is a gradual process in which the drainage ducts are impaired but not totally blocked. This condition may show no symptoms for many years, but eventually, vision loss occurs, beginning with the loss of peripheral vision. Angle-closure glaucoma involves a total blockage due to an unusually narrow drainage angle in the eye. This emergency condition causes sudden eye pain, noticeable vision loss, headaches and other symptoms; it requires immediate emergency care.

Glaucoma Diagnosis and Treatment Options

The easiest way to keep glaucoma from sneaking up on you is to get your eyes and eye pressure tested regularly through annual eye exams here at The Vision Center. Tests for glaucoma include a simple pressure check called a "puff test" along with evaluations of your optic nerves and visual acuity.

If it appears that you have glaucoma, we will prescribe immediate treatment to get it under control. Medicated eye drops can reduce the fluid produced by the eye and/or improve eye drainage. Oral medications can be added to this regimen if stronger treatment is needed. Even severe cases of glaucoma can be helped through laser surgery procedures such as trabeculoplasty, a painless outpatient procedure that modifies the drainage system. We'll be happy to make the necessary referral and provide any necessary pre-operative and post-operative care.

Schedule an Exam with Our Optometry Team

Even with the many glaucoma treatment options available to modern optometry, we can't overemphasize the fact that any damage that occurs to the eye is permanent, and that the only way to detect it early is through regular routine eye exams. Don't put your precious eyesight at risk contact us at 806-793-1927 to schedule an exam with our Fort Worth or Lubbock optometry team. We can help you protect yourself against glaucoma!