What's not to love about Lamesa? This tiny community packs lots of originality, fun, and down-home good times into its borders, from its annual rodeo to its Chicken Fried Steak & Balloon Festival. But it also forms a triangle on the map with the cities of Lubbock and Abilene, meaning that you also get all the advantages of city life whenever you want them. One of the most important of those advantages is world-class optometry services -- which Lamesa residents can enjoy right here at The Vision Center.


An Established Resource for Lamesa Eye Care Needs

The Vision Center was established in Lubbock TX in 1991, and since then it has become the preferred provider of eye care for Lamesa and other West Texas towns in the area. We will make sure that you and your loved one receive the highest standard of care you'll find anywhere. Not only do we possess the skill and experience necessary to maintain your ocular well-being for life, but we deliver that care with a one-of-kind mix of friendliness, compassion, and "care beyond vision" (our motto). Maybe that's why we're the optometry providers for the Texas Tech athletic department, or why we've been named on multiple occasions as "Best of the West" by KCBD.

We Have All Your Lamesa Eye and Vision Services

The Vision Center has every member of your family's best interests in mind, from the developmental issues that can affect infants or toddlers to the age-related risks faced by seniors. That's why we maintain a full suite of eye care services. Come to us for:

  • Eye Exams - Comprehensive eye exams may be the most important step you can take for your family's vision, especially since the sooner we identify serious issues, the sooner we can treat it. We examine your eyes for any lurking diseases, check their function, and evaluate your vision.
  • Eyeglasses and Contacts - You'll be stunned by our range of eyeglasses and sunglasses in beautiful designer frames, available in multiple styles and sizes for adults and children alike. Or perhaps you'd prefer our range of contact lenses, including specialized "hard-to-fit" contacts.
  • Eye Condition Treatment  - Our practitioners can treat many eye diseases and disorders, from injuries or conjunctivitis to dry eye remedies and glaucoma control. We also treat computer vision syndrome, an irritating condition caused by excessive use of computer or mobile device screens.
  • Sports Vision Therapy - If you want to improve your athletic performance, may you should start with your eyes. We can provide sports vision therapy to take your vision to a whole new level of accuracy and clarity.

Schedule a Visit to Our Lamesa Optometry Team

Now that you know where to find top-quality eye care for your family, take the next step by scheduling an appointment. Call 806-793-1927 to arrange a visit to our Lamesa optometry team!