One Day Contact Lenses


The Vision Center in Fort Worth and Lubbock offer comprehensive contact lenses appointments for patients who need to update their prescription or change from glasses to contacts. If you would like to make your contact lenses routine more convenient and safe, or if you would like to change from glasses to contacts set up a comprehensive exam with the premier optometrist in West Texas. 


What Are Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Daily disposable lenses are contact lenses that are made to be thrown away at the end of each daily use. They are still made to your individual prescription, but have increased convenience of not needing to store the lenses at the end of each day, not needing to wash them between uses, and enjoying the fresh feeling of new lenses each day. Anyone who wears contacts knows that fresh and clean matter a lot when it comes to eye comfort. 

It is important to know that daily wear and daily disposable do not mean the same thing. Daily wear lenses may be designed to be thrown away weekly, or monthly depending on the prescription, where daily disposables are made to be worn one day and thrown away. They are not designed to be safely worn overnight. 

What are the Benefits of Disposable Lenses?

The perks of daily disposable lenses include increased comfort because the longer you wear the same lenses the more natural minerals such as proteins and calcium build up until it becomes noticeable by feel. Another perk is the decrease in chances of infection due to the fact that daily disposables do not need to be cleaned and there is less room for contamination or human error. With all of the benefits, some people do worry about the waste that may be created by something that is discarded daily. This worry can be negated by the fact that most of the packaging is made of recyclable cardboard and some of the contact lenses manufacturers even have their own recycling program. 

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