Pediatric Eye Exam FAQs


Your child’s vision is incredibly important. A regular children’s eye exam ensures that your child’s eyes are healthy and that he or she can see clearly throughout a lifetime. As your optometrists near Lubbock, we are passionate about eye care for kids. We are here to answer all your questions and to provide children’s eye exams, eye glasses, contacts and all the other vision needs of your entire family.


Frequently Asked Questions – From Your Eye Doctor for Kids

As your eye doctor for kids, we want you to be as well-informed as possible about eye health and vision correction for your child. Some of the questions we encounter most frequently include:

When Should I Schedule my Child’s First Eye Exam?

We encourage parents to bring their children in for an eye exam anywhere between six months and one year of age. We definitely want to see you by the one year mark, so we can make sure everything is in order. We can detect problems surprisingly early, allowing us to correct them when it is most easy to do so.

How Often Should I get Eye Exams for My Child?

After the initial eye exam between six months and one year, we would like to see your child again at age 3. After age three, we would like to see your child at age 5 and then on a yearly basis after the exam at age 5. Since adults should get an eye exam every year as well, you can easily schedule yours and your child’s eye exam together so you do not have to make more than one trip.

What does an Eye Exam at Your Vision Center Include?

At Vision Center of West Texas, we offer comprehensive eye care for kids that include a range of tests to determine the health of the eye, to detect the signs of any eye diseases or other cause for concern, and to get an accurate prescription for vision correction if needed.

Can I Get Glasses or Contacts for my Child at Your Vision Center?

Yes, absolutely! Our eye doctors are happy to discuss your options for vision correction based on your child’s needs and lifestyle. Our eye doctors can explain what types of lenses and frames are available, as well as explain the dos and don’ts of glasses and contacts to your child.

Glasses are often the appropriate choice for young children, but as your child gets older and expresses interest in contacts we can definitely advise you on which lens types would work best, such as daily wear, extended wear, gas permeable and color correction contacts.

Why is it Important to Get My Child’s Eyes Examined?

Regular eye exams are important because they allow us to spot the signs of eye disease early when treatment is most effective. Eye exams also let us provide correction for your child’s vision, so he or she can enjoy a full life.

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