Sports Vision Tests


A top-class athlete often has to have a top-class vision in order to perform up to the proper standard.  Whether your sport calls for eagle-eye accuracy at distances, lightning-fast reflexes or precise positional awareness, visual acuity can make all the difference between a contender and a champion. If you really know exactly where the strengths and weakness in your eyesight lie, come to The Vision Center. Our eye care center can administer a range of sports vision tests to analyze every aspect of your vision and eye function. Our eye doctors can provide such evaluations as:


  • Snellen Eye Chart - You may already be familiar with the Snellen eye chart from your regular eye exam. This diagnostic method displays multiple lines of text, with fonts of ever-decreasing size from top to bottom. If you can read the same letters than a person of average visual acuity can read from a distance of 20 feet, you have 20/20 vision.
  • Contrast Sensitivity - If you can't make out subtle gradations in the contrast between items on a test image, you may be in need of specially tinted lenses from our vision center to help boost your contrast perception.
  • Eye Tracking - The more efficiently and accurately your eyes track moving objects, the better your aim and coordination are likely to be. Our eye doctors can evaluate your eye racking as you follow electronic targets on a screen or objects moving in rotation on a mechanical device. We can also examine your eye's saccades (jumping motions) and pursuits (smooth motions).
  • Ocular Alignment - Ocular alignment testing evaluates how uniformly your eyes are responding to images. This is done by covering each eye and observing its response as it is uncovered. We can also administer a Hirschberg test to observe any differences in how light is refracted off of each cornea.
  • Eye Dominance - Eye dominance tests such as the Miles Test and Dolman Method can reveal whether one of your eyes maintains a more stable view of an image than the other. If one eye clearly dominates your perceptions, then you may be suffering from less-than-optimal depth perception.
  • Depth Perception - Our eye doctors can confirm the implications of the eye dominance test by checking your depth perception directly. A testing device called a Howard-Dolman Apparatus can show us how accurately you can see the depth relationship between a pair of manipulated rods.
  • Visual Processing Speed and Hand-Eye Coordination - These tests measure your reaction times to specific cues. They also measure eye teaming and accommodation, the ability to shift focus from one distance to another.

Get Your Sports Vision Tested by Our Optometrists in Fort Worth and Lubbock

The sooner our optometrists in Fort Worth or Lubbock test your sports vision, the sooner we can provide any sports vision therapy you might need. Get the facts by contacting us at 806-793-1927 for an eye exam and sports vision testing at our vision center!