Sports Vision Therapy


The greatest, most dedicated athletes always adhere to the belief that, no matter how superior their performance may be, there's always room for improvement. If you've come up against what seems like a barrier to that further improvement of your athletic ability, you might be startled to discover the problem lies in your vision. Even vision deemed more than acceptable for everyday life may not be sharp enough to let you play as well as you want to. That's when you need to look into sports vision therapy, a special form of eye care for athletes available here at The Vision Center.


How Our Eye Doctors Can Help Your Game

The first step in taking your sports vision further is taking your regular eye exam further. In addition to the comprehensive (and very important) evaluations generally performed, our eye doctors can administer sports vision testing to check the fine details of your eyesight. Specific exercises and other therapeutic techniques are then prescribed in an individualized sports vision therapy program.

Sports vision therapy can convey profound benefits to both your eyesight and your athletic performance. Our vision center can implement it to provide:

    • More precise hand-eye coordination - If you're dropping passes or missing shots, you may need to boost your visual processing speed so you can react more quickly and accurately. Light-based "games" and simulations at our vision center enable us to give your hand-eye coordination the intensive training it needs.
    • Improved depth perception - When your eyes aren't quite aligning or teaming correctly, you may be deficient in binocular vision, the skill necessary for accurate depth perception. Unequal eye dominance can also cause this problem. Therapeutic solutions may include eye-rolling and gaze-shifting exercises. Temporary patching of the dominant eye can also train the brain's visual center to make better use of the less dominant eye.
    • Better dynamic visual acuity - In many sports, the ability to see objects clearly while they're moving is a must. This skill is called dynamic visual acuity. Brain-training techniques can help you perceive these objects in greater detail (such as that baseball or archery target you're trying to hit).
    • Stronger contrast sensitivity and focusing skills - If poor contrast perception makes it hard for your eyes to track moving objects, we may prescribe tinted lenses to differentiate those objects more clearly. Exercises such as "pencil push-ups" can help you build your focus and accommodation skills. 

Ask Our Optometrists near Lubbock about Sports Vision Therapy

If you're intrigued by the idea of providing your eyes with some special "spring training" in addition to your normal athletic regimen, then it's time to learn more from our optometrists near Lubbock. Call The Vision Center at 806-793-1927 to set up an eye exam and find out whether this form of eye care can take your game to the next level!