Vision Therapy


Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised, non-surgical treatment program that is a type of physical therapy to improve certain vision problems and visual skills. Unlike eyeglasses or contacts that help patients compensate for vision problems, vision therapy is designed to teach a patient’s visual system how to improve itself. The Vision Center is the largest pediatric vision therapy program in Lubbock Texas. Our experienced team of vision therapists works closely with patients to treat vision problems that could not otherwise be fully addressed through glasses, contact or surgery. Pediatric vision therapy includes treatment to help improve eye team and tracking, two skills that are critical for building hand-eye coordination, learning how to read, and being a successful student.

Vision therapy services in our Fort Worth and Lubbock, Texas offices include complete diagnostic and therapeutic care for adults and children:

  • Eye tracking
  • Eye teaming (Strabismus or Amblyopia)
  • Eye focusing (Visual Acuity)
  • Learning-related vision problems
  • Visual Information Processing
  • Computer related vision problems
  • Sports vision
  • Acquired brain injury related vision problems

Pediatric Eye Care & Vision Therapy: Improving Eye Tracking and Eye Teaming

Vision therapy is a sequence of therapy procedures that are individually prescribed and monitored by our eye doctors. Each procedure is designed to enhance a specific visual skill that is critical to visual processing, eye focusing, eye alignment, eye tracking and eye teaming. Our  vision therapy team uses lenses, prisms, filters, occluders, specialized instruments, and computer programs. Every program is fully tailored to each patient’s individual vision needs and is based on the results of a comprehensive visual evaluation.

Vision therapy programs are administered as a combination of in-office care and at-home exercises. In-office treatment is designed to help patients become aware of their visual deficiencies within a controlled environment. Using a specialized feedback process, each patient is taught strategies to improve visual performance. Depending on a patient’s specific needs, these exercises may focus on improving eye movements, eye teaming, visual information processing, or hand-eye coordination for better athletic performance.

Home therapy reinforces the visual skills patients practice in the office. The goal with home therapy exercises is to have the patient perform the visual skill repeatedly until the skill no longer requires a conscious effort but is fully automatic.

Pediatric Eye Care & Vision Therapy: Address Learning Problems Now

The Vision Center is the largest provider of pediatric vision therapy in Lubbock Texas. Pediatric eye care and vision therapy is especially important for addressing learning problems in young children. Correcting a child’s visual acuity with glasses is important; however, glasses alone may not address all of the vision issues affecting a child. Undiagnosed problems with eye focusing abilities, eye alignment, eye tracking and eye teaming, and/or visual processing can seriously impact a child’s ability to succeed academically. If your child is struggling to focus in the classroom, perform well on written exams, or master advanced hand-eye coordination activities, vision therapy may be able to help.

For more information on the benefits of vision therapy and pediatric care, contact The Vision Center at 806-793-1927.